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Monday, January 23, 2017    
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Welcome to the K. I. D. Studies Centre at the University of British Columbia!

Child participant poses for the camera

We are group of researchers in the Psychology Department at UBC where we research Knowledge, Imagination, and Development (i.e. K.I.D.). Our research focuses on a wide-range of topics related to children's and adults' ability to reason about someone else's perspective. We are part of a larger team of researchers, the Early Development Research Group, dedicated to studying child development from many angles.

We thank all of the children and parents who have participated in our research, and the childcare centres that have kindly opened their doors to us. We are always looking for new families to participate. Making advances in understanding child development would not be possible without the support of interested parents, childcare personnel, and children.

Please look around our website to learn more about what we do and how you can become involved.

The 2014 Early Development Research Group Newsletter


New From Our Lab!

Interactive media versus face-to-face instruction - how do they compare when teaching children new facts? In this study we compare children's rate of learning factual information about animals during a face-to-face instruction from an adult researcher to comparable instruction from an interactive device.  

K.I.D. Studies Centre
Department of Psychology
2136 West Mall
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V6T 1Z4

Phone: (604) 822-6615

For Parents

The participants in our studies consist of parent and child volunteers who graciously offer their time and assistance. Our studies are designed to be enjoyable for the children. Our researchers are committed to making your visit a pleasant and fun learning experience. More Info...

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